Construction experience is essential to crafting an effective insurance program.

Lovitt & Touché is one of Haydon Building Corp’s most trusted partners. They took the time to truly understand our business and are nimble and responsive in our ever-changing industry, proposing creative ideas to ensure our interests are protected. Working closely with our team, Lovitt & Touché delivers the highest level of service, integrity and value.

Gary Haydon
Haydon Building Corp.

The world of construction is a rapidly changing environment with plenty of unexpected pitfalls in even the most thoroughly planned projects. As one of the largest practice groups at Lovitt & Touché, our dedicated construction team keeps pace with all industry advancements and evolutions, making us a trusted partner that places approximately $90 million of construction insurance premiums each year.

We understand the unique needs you face day-in and day-out from both the underwriting and brokerage sides. Together, we’ll help you design a risk management strategy customized to your business to provide greater peace of mind on projects big or small, at any stage of development.

Construction Industry Experts

With more than 100 years of combined construction insurance experience, we provide:

  • Guidance with contractual risk transfer, delivering strategic insights and recommendations that can positively impact upstream and downstream contracts
  • Access to innovative software tools and educational resources, allowing you to monitor contractor status and compliance
  • Instant, 24/7 Certificates of Insurance via an online portal where you can view, issue or forward certificates, generate auto ID cards or print lists of vehicle, driver and certificate holders, as well as search and review all policies
  • Comprehensive risk management and loss prevention resources to help your business and your projects stay on track and meet financial goals
  • Claims advocacy services that guide you through the entire claims process, from reporting to insurance companies to creating a plan for closure

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Creating Safety-Focused Cultures

Our proprietary approach to safety, named “Inversion,” is centered around helping you build a culture dedicated to safety. To assist with this, we:

  • Provide one-on-one guidance with creating your workplace culture based on behavior, quality and performance excellence
  • Perform assessments to benchmark safety programs and culture, and determine “SMART” risk control goals
  • Assist in developing processes and documentation to reduce risk among employees and subcontractors
  • Offer an in-house Cost Reduction Technology (CRT) machine to help companies safely evaluate the physical capabilities of new employees, and those returning from an injury
  • Take a proactive role monitoring loss control assistance provided by insurers, evaluating submitted recommendations and negotiating amendments
  • Analyze losses for trends and underwriting implications

We know the construction industry is complex and can be filled with unexpected pitfalls. Our team can provide you with greater peace of mind as we work together to tackle daily challenges and necessities.

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