Real Estate

Real Estate

We bring clear-cut, efficient solutions to help you manage risk in a billion-dollar industry.

In Their Words

The Lovitt & Touché team has been instrumental in helping our firm grow and manage risk. Traditionally, as a growing business, it has been difficult to get the attention and creative insurance products that effectively help us manage risk and growth. All of that has changed with Lovitt & Touché.

Gary Shaw
Arcadia Management Group

Real estate is about more than buying and selling. It’s about managing risks and being smart in all aspects of the deal.

Protecting your interest

We can help protect your interests, and have wide experience helping clients on all sides of a real estate deal, including:

  • Investment firms (classic P/E, fundless/independent sponsors, search funds, SFO/MFO)
  • Property management firms
  • Private and public development projects
  • Real estate developers

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Identifying unique risks

We identify the risks your particular deal, project or portfolio faces, and design a customized program to limit claims risk. In addition to guiding you through the appropriate policies and coverages, we assist with:

  • Developing a process for due diligence on new deals
  • Consulting with lenders on proper coverage requirements
  • Confirming or establishing accurate property valuations through Marshall & Swift/Core Logic
  • Providing preemptive risk advisory service for properties through our Loss Control Department
  • Coordinating with various vendors on site, including carrier inspectors
  • Building customized programs to scale the risk management aspect of your business
  • Designing healthcare benefits packages that help you control costs while meeting employee needs

Real estate experts

With a dedicated team in the real estate industry, we have worked with a variety of owners and managers – ranging from those who operate billion-dollar portfolios or development projects to individual owners and managers – to design optimal risk management programs. In fact, our programs have become attractive growth resources, and often times a sales tool, as clients expand their portfolio, find new investors, or attract new ownership groups to manage.

We encourage you to learn more about our business insurance, risk management and employee benefits solutions.