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Lovitt & Touché clients and business leaders seeking insurance and risk management services receive exclusive access to the Learning Academy, which consists of free educational seminars that will help you protect and grow your business, manage costs and improve employee relations. Lovitt & Touché experts and guest speakers share the latest information and resources related to strategic planning, compliance, healthcare reform, employee benefits, risk management and more, so you can stay on top of business trends and insurance topics.

Examples of seminars include:

  • OSHA training courses
  • Cyber liability
  • Self-funding options
  • Legislative updates
  • Workers’ compensation cost reduction strategies
  • Bad faith litigation in workers’ compensation
  • Social engineering fraud
  • FMLA training/update
  • Total worker health
  • Workplace bullying
  • Employee benefits law
  • The cost of (mis)hiring


Webinar | What Employers Need to Know About the New Legalized Marijuana Law

Arizona voters approved Proposition 207, also known as the “Smart and Safe Arizona Act.”  The initiative had approval from 60% of voters, legalizing recreational marijuana use and allowing storefronts to be established to sell products. It also allows individuals to grow small amounts for personal consumption. Prop. 207 Proponents responded to criticisms by making employer rights more explicit, ensuring workplace drug and alcohol use provisions that exist today will still go on as normal.

Medical marijuana has been legal in Arizona since 2016 and today more than 250,000 Arizonans are registered medical users.  But now recreational use will also be allowed. Recreational operations will be regulated by the Arizona Department of Health Services, which also regulates the medical industry. The measure allows for over 100 storefront licenses, and established pharmacy owners will be the first in line to get them. About 20% are also reserved for owners from communities negatively impacted by drug policies.

Marijuana products will carry a 16% sales tax, the same as cigarettes and alcohol. Proponents say those sales will turn into hefty earnings for the state. Proponents say some $2.3 billion in expected revenue will be directed toward public services like fire departments and community colleges. And unlike the 2016 bill, Prop. 207 also gives people formerly convicted of a felony for certain marijuana-use crimes to apply to have their records expunged.

To know more detail on the law and find out your rights, attend this very informative session with our Speaker, Thom Cope a partner at Mesch Clark Rothschild law firm.


Webinar | Statewide 2021 Insurance & Economic Outlook

2020 was a year like no other across the globe, and businesses in Arizona have experienced it all: from shut downs to legislative changes, workers going remote and new risks emerging. As we look to the future and hope for a better year, we also reflect on the changes and trends brought about by COVID-19 and how they will set the stage for 2021.

Tune in to our virtual event for a look ahead:

  • Business Insurance Update - Jody Sarchett, L&T Principal/Executive VP
  • Employee Health & Benefits Update - Will Spong, L&T Principal/Executive VP, Employee Health & Benefits
  • Arizona Economic Outlook and Q&A - Jim Rounds President, Rounds Consulting Group