Lovitt & Touché Learning Academy

Lovitt & Touché clients and business leaders seeking insurance and risk management services receive exclusive access to the Learning Academy, which consists of free educational seminars that will help you protect and grow your business, manage costs and improve employee relations. Lovitt & Touché experts and guest speakers share the latest information and resources related to strategic planning, compliance, healthcare reform, employee benefits, risk management and more, so you can stay on top of business trends and insurance topics.

Examples of seminars include:

  • OSHA training courses
  • Cyber liability
  • Self-funding options
  • Legislative updates
  • Workers’ compensation cost reduction strategies
  • Bad faith litigation in workers’ compensation
  • Social engineering fraud
  • FMLA training/update
  • Total worker health
  • Workplace bullying
  • Employee benefits law
  • The cost of (mis)hiring


Dazed & Confused: Marijuana & Prescription Drug Issues at Work(Tempe)

This session will discuss the impact of the legalization of medical and recreational marijuana on an employer’s right to maintain a drug-free workplace and will explain whether protections exist for employees who use marijuana. In addition, we will discuss the latest on how employers should handle the delicate issue of drug testing for and creating policies regarding prescription drugs in both safety-sensitive and non-safety-sensitive positions.


How to Develop Workplace Safety Culture Through Perspective (Tempe)

This highly-interactive training seminar will give you the skills and confidence to develop and sustain an effective safety culture that will enable your business to flourish. The seminar will provide attendees with a unique blend of proven management techniques and practical implementation to ensure a sustainable culture is achieved that will be a crucial aid to maximizing business performance.

This seminar will highlight:

  • The impact of an effective safety culture on achieving good safety management
  • How to establish a safety culture and identify behavioral change improvement opportunities
  • How to assess the safety culture of an organization
  • The importance of human factors
  • The business benefits of sustaining an effective safety culture

Target Audience: CFOs, Risk Managers & HR Directors

Emerging Technologies in Construction: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly(Tempe)

The barrage of news about Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, and Drones is constant and overwhelming. Entrepreneurial individuals and companies alike are salivating at the financial opportunities and are investing heavily in all of these technologies. Nation state threat actors and hackers are also salivating at the disruptive opportunities these technologies are creating. For most the hype about these emerging technologies is causing confusion and anxiety.

This seminar will discuss the future economic implications of these emerging technologies on both commercial, industrial, and residential construction companies and provide a rationale framework to process and understand the ever changing technology landscape.