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Anthony Sylvester Highlights Benefits of Captives in BizTucson

April 13, 2021

As healthcare costs continue to climb, businesses are looking for greater ways to manage those costs while providing a robust healthcare plan for their employees. In a recent article for BizTucson, Anthony Sylvester, Manager of Lovitt & Touché’s Employee Health & Benefits division in Tucson, explains the benefits of captives, which are drawing more interest among businesses.

Anthony highlights how captives provide the types of cost savings usually reserved for larger companies by allowing different businesses to pool their risk. Captives also offer employers greater flexibility with the design of their healthcare program, as well as greater access to claims data to make data-driven decisions to better control costs.

If your business is looking for alternative ways to manage costs with employee healthcare, the team at Lovitt & Touché can help evaluate your situation and determine the best solution. Learn more about our alternative risk financing options.

Read Anthony’s full article here.