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Az Business Shines Leadership Spotlight on Jody Sarchett

July 27, 2022

Businesses have been through a lot in the past several years. Unprecedented events such as the pandemic, labor shortages, near-record inflation and innumerable other economic and business challenges call for strong and innovative leadership.

An insurance industry trailblazer, Lovitt & Touché President Jody Sarchett has shown great leadership and innovation in helping guide L&T through these pandemic-era challenges and more. In its latest issue, Az Business set its Leadership Spotlight on Jody to learn more about her leadership and the current state of the insurance industry.

Jody characterizes her leadership style as one of empathy and action. Taking time to listen to others is a critical aspect of leading teams. But just as vital is a willingness — even a fearlessness — to take action when necessary. That combination of openness and action shaped Jody over the years and served her well these past few years leading L&T through the uncertainty of the pandemic through today’s economic challenges.

In terms of the larger insurance industry, Jody emphasized that one of the biggest pain points for businesses and insurance remains cyber and data protections. With cyberattacks on the rise in the past two years, insurers are facing greater losses that have translated into higher premiums — and network protections — to secure coverage.

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