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Broker Profile: Collin Krickl Thrives on Solving Clients’ Problems

December 1, 2020

For Collin Krickl, a career in insurance wasn’t his first choice after college.

That changed, though, when he saw the cost of insurance premiums for his commercial contractor employer.

“I realized there was an opportunity within the insurance industry to set myself up for long-term career growth,” he says.

In a way, landing in the insurance field was an overdue admission that Collin’s father was right.

“My father told me to get into the insurance industry out of college,” he says. “In hindsight, I should’ve done it sooner.”

Since jumping into the insurance industry four years ago, Collin found his way to Lovitt & Touché in February 2020 as a sales executive. He specializes in complex Directors & Officers coverage for large public and private companies and works with businesses from a diverse set of industries including logistics, nonprofits, construction and franchises.

Providing Client Peace of Mind

In his role, Collin enjoys solving complex problems for his clients.

“I love when a client comes to me in a time of need, all stressed, and I’m able to develop a creative solution that eases their anxiety and worry,” Collin says. “I love watching that transition and being a leader in that process.”

Working with clients, Collin feels like a scientist experimenting with different elements to find the right solution.

“I enjoy talking about alternative insurance options, discussing captives and playing with different levels of deductibles and insurance strategies,” he says. “It’s a much more strategic and creative approach to the market rather than taking renewals at face value.”

Collin likes to remind clients that options are the key when it comes to finding the best insurance solution.

“That’s why I love working at Lovitt & Touché, where I can provide a boutique, white glove experience to clients while still being able to tap into a larger pool of resources available through Marsh,” he says.

From California to Arizona

Like many before him, Collin came to Arizona from out-of-state. However, unlike many who venture here from colder climates, Collin traveled east from his hometown of Anaheim, California.

He attended University of Arizona, where he met his wife, a Yuma native.

“I tried to get her to live in Southern California, but she refused,” Collin says.

It’s turned out well, though, as he has developed a fondness for the Grand Canyon State.

“I love the people and sense of community that’s here,” he says. “And, of course, the golf.”