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Broker Profile: Elise Thorpe Thrives in Accidental Insurance Career

November 21, 2022

Like so many others, Elise Thorpe’s entry into the insurance industry was unplanned.

“I almost went on to be an HR professional,” says Elise, who today serves as a Principal and Vice President for Lovitt & Touché. “But instead, I sort of stumbled into insurance by accident.”

After a stint with a pharmaceutical company in Portland, Elise plotted a return to Arizona, which led to her unexpected pivot to insurance. She was hired as a sales associate with health insurer Aetna.

“With no background, I got the job and had to learn every aspect of the industry,” she says. “I grew frustrated with only having Aetna solutions to help fix companies’ problems.”

That desire to solve clients’ problems led to a move to benefits consulting where Elise has been ever since.

“I’ve always loved the consulting side,” she says. “Nothing beats helping HR professionals, CFOs, CEOs and others find the right business solutions that align with their culture and bottom line.”

She works closely with clients across numerous industries on a range of topics related to benefits, employees and other hot HR issues.

But Elise doesn’t keep her expertise for her clients. She regularly hosts HR Roundtables with clients and other HR professionals to share best practices and discuss the most pressing topics facing HR pros.

A Passion for Well-Being

Although she consults on a range of HR and benefits topics, over the past 15 years with Lovitt & Touché Elise has become a thought leader in employee well-being and is regarded in local and national circles for her expertise.

She facilitates regular HR Roundtables to discuss the importance of well-being solutions in the workplace. Even after more than a decade of hosting such gatherings, Elise still draws top business leaders.

“Since the pandemic, the importance of implementing and ensuring well-being into benefits and the workplace has only grown,” she says. “All my clients have different needs and challenges, but they all understand the value of treating their people well.”

Proselytizing the benefits of well-being has become Elise’s favorite way to serve the greater community.

“It’s so personally gratifying to educate HR professionals about the benefits of well-being to their workforces and then see them implement the solutions I recommend,” she says. “I feel as if I have a direct connection to improving their employees’ overall health and well-being.”

Southwestern Girl for Life

Elise spent her formative years on a ranch in New Mexico, surrounded by Arabian horses, cattle, goats, sheep, rabbits, cats and dogs.

“But no chickens,” she says. “So, I never thought of it as a farm.”

Eventually, Elise found her way to Arizona, where — other than a brief two-year stint in Oregon — she has spent the better part of 30 years.

“I love Arizona,” she says. “The summer heat can be brutal, but in only a few hours you can escape to cooler temperatures in the mountains or find your way to the beach and cool down in the ocean.”

Making Time for Herself

Between her job duties and community work with her roundtables and other roles, finding time for personal hobbies can be a challenge. But Elise has her go-to activities for those times when she needs to disconnect.

“My only real alone time is when I’m working out,” Elise says. “So, I make a point to prioritize that. But I also love losing myself in a good book and traveling.”