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Broker Profile: Patrick Touché Puts Love of Risk to Good Use in Family Business

March 22, 2023

When you grow up around the insurance industry, you can’t help but assess the risks in day-to-day situations.

Just ask Patrick Touché.

“You could say insurance is in my blood,” he says. “I’m always looking at the risks in any situation.”

(Re)joining the Family Business

Unlike many of his colleagues who stumbled into the industry, Patrick — whose father is CEO Charles Touché — grew up in the business.

For the past four years, Patrick has served as a business insurance broker with Lovitt & Touché, assessing risks and developing cost-effective solutions for clients in construction and real estate.

“There’s something extremely satisfying about problem solving for my clients and ensuring they’re properly protected,” Patrick says. “Every business is unique, so every client has unique challenges and desires for a positive outcome”.

These past four years have marked his second tenure with the family business.

Patrick joined L&T after college graduation, and after a few years, he sought opportunities elsewhere to gain additional experience.

It’s hard to stay away for too long when something is in your blood.

Managing Risk & Taking a Few, Too

Patrick may always be assessing risks for his clients, but when it comes to his personal life, he prefers to take a few.

An avid outdoorsman, Patrick enjoys participating in legitimately risky activities such as mountain climbing and mountain biking.

“I recognize the irony of being in risk management while also enjoying challenging activities,” he says. “But I always make sure I’m prepared — just in case anything happens.”

This approach in his personal life also applies to the work he manages with clients.

“I like to say yes when analyzing risk,” he says. “But I always present the foundational steps for what the company needs so they can take on that risk.”

Giving Back to the Community

If insurance is in Patrick’s blood, so is community service. A critical piece of life at L&T, Patrick supports the greater community in several ways.

He lends his time to Phoenix Children’s Hospital being head of fundraising for PCH 40 Under 40 and on the board of the Mighty Boots Wilderness Project, a group that allows him to combine his passion for outdoor activities and community service.

“The Mighty Boots Wilderness Project hosts youth outings to foster the joys of being outside,” he says. “It is beneficial for our overall health and well-being to spend time outdoors.”

Native Arizonan Pride

Considering his family, it’s not surprising to learn that Patrick was born and raised in Arizona. But like the company that bears his surname, he also journeyed from Tucson to Phoenix, giving him a unique perspective having lived in Arizona’s two largest cities, each with a unique culture.

“Arizona has such a rich history,” he says. “But even so, we’re still a relatively young state. And with all the exciting business development growing exponentially, our influence is expanding both regionally and nationally.”

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