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CEO Charlie Touché Details New Risk Management Realities in In Business Magazine

August 4, 2020

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, businesses are learning they must adjust to new economic and business realities. In an article for In Business magazine, Lovitt & Touché CEO Charlie Touché breaks down risk management and insurance considerations for businesses to explore as they evaluate their processes for reopening their offices and facilities.

Charlie emphasizes that in the face of the ongoing pandemic, each business must thoughtfully assess their unique risks and challenges. While the general approach to risk assessment is the same across industries, specific tactics and strategies for risk management and assessment will be different from organization to organization. He stresses the importance of flexibility, especially as the pandemic intensifies an already hardening insurance market.

Lovitt & Touché understands the unprecedented challenges businesses of all sizes and industries are experiencing due to COVID-19. Learn more about our risk management solutions and business insurance offerings.

Read Charlie’s full In Business article here.