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Harrison Rausch Shares Strategies to Attract Executive Talent for In Business Magazine

November 8, 2022

The past year’s labor challenges posed by the Great Resignation and employee turnover have spread to the C-suite, forcing employers to reevaluate not only their recruitment efforts for rank-and-file but key executive positions, as well. In an article for In Business, Lovitt & Touché Talent Acquisition Specialist Harrison Rausch breaks down how companies can attract top executive talent in the face of post-pandemic staffing challenges.

Perhaps the biggest takeaway for employers seeking executive leadership is to remember that what it takes to attract other types of employees won’t work to draw executives. This goes beyond executive-level compensation and benefits packages to how and where companies recruit. Rather than online job boards, executive talent seek new opportunities through professional and social networks, personal connections and recruiters.

Additionally, Harrison emphasizes the importance of ongoing executive recruitment efforts. With an ever-shifting business and employment climate, turnover will remain a part of doing business. Employers should implement an ongoing executive recruitment strategy to regularly be on the lookout for the best talent.

Attracting top talent is critical to your business’s success. The highly experienced employee benefits team at Lovitt & Touché can work closely with your organization to develop a strong benefits package and recruitment strategy to ensure you draw the best talent. Learn more about our benefits offerings.

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