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Jody Sarchett Explains How Businesses Can Limit Risk as They Reopen Their Doors

May 14, 2020

As businesses move to reopen shuttered offices after COVID-19-induced shutdowns, they still must navigate a number of risks to ensure the continued safety and health of their employees and customers. In a Q&A with the Phoenix Business Journal, Jody Sarchett, Executive Vice President of Sales with Lovitt & Touché, discussed some of those risks and other considerations businesses should keep in mind as they plan to return to the office.

In the article, Jody emphasizes that businesses must not assume the worst is over and that a return to “business as usual” is in order. Reopening without proper risk control precautions that address the ongoing threat of COVID-19 could prove detrimental. Additionally, Jody stresses that while overall risk management methodology is universal across industries, individual businesses do require unique mitigation techniques and strategies.

Risk is an element in every business, especially during these uncertain times. Lovitt & Touché’s Risk Management team can help evaluate your business’ unique risks and provide creative solutions to limit those risks and ensure employees and customers remain safe and healthy. Learn more about our risk management solutions.

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