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Lovitt & Touché Shares Importance of Return-to-Work Programs with Phoenix Business Journal

May 2, 2019

While illnesses and injuries in the workplace are unavoidable, employers can significantly reduce risks, protect employees and safeguard the business’s bottom line with formalized return-to-work programs. In an educational series for the Phoenix Business Journal, Lovitt & Touché discussed the role return-to-work programs and strength and agility screening play in getting employees back to work after an injury.

We broke down the business impacts of employee injuries, including direct costs, such as health insurance, and indirect costs, such as lost productivity. A smart return-to-work program can help contain these costs by implementing training for managers and supervisors, and employee screening before they start working and at numerous benchmarks in the recovery process. Preparation and evaluation ahead of time can significantly reduce the likelihood of further injuries occurring.

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