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Problems with Your Company's Benefit Plan Engagement

January 22, 2019

Companies do a lot for their employees, including providing them with a benefit plan. Benefits are one of the most, if not the most costly expense for a company. Something so costly should be appreciated by employees,but it is often under-appreciated. Here are some of the issues that could be affecting your companies benefit plan success.

1.            Strategy and Actions Don’t Align

Once a strategy is in plan to drive awareness, the action of following through should come next. In order to turn 15% of employees to high deductible health plans with a health savings account, provide the employees with an immense amount of tools and resources to make decisions during open enrollment time. Use the rest of the year to work toward these goals.

2.            Benefits Materials Don’t Stand Out

Make sure to communicate effectively so that the brand is recognizable, reliable and credible. Use a branded program in order to grab the attention so that employees understand the importance of what they are reading.Internal and External communications should have a consistent look and tone to them always.

3.            Organization is M.I.A

Locating benefit materials year-round should be easy, and should further engagement. Put all benefit information and communication materials in one place that is easy to access for the employees. Barriers should be eliminated when there is no personal information involved, and make sure to inform where this information is stored.  

4.            Communications Aren’t Written Simply

No matter the audience, your benefit information and communications should be written at a sixth-grade reading level. The average employee will have no idea what SPD or HDHP stands for, including benefits phrases. Communications need to be fitted to fully understand the info and easily digest it to achieve maximum success.

5.            Messages Are Not Received

One-size-fits all communication strategies are not going to cut it anymore. Understand that there are differences in how your employees absorbwhat you’re saying. This means, mix up the way you’re saying things so the messages are actually effective. If you only rely on one channel to spreadbenefit messages, try mixing it up with more of a mix of push (i.e. email,print) and pull (i.e. benefits website, videos) channels.

Use these strategies and it could reap big rewards. Contact Lovitt & Touché for more help with your benefits programs and creating long-term engagement.