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Will Spong Emphasizes Flexibility in Navigating Ongoing COVID-19 Risks for In Business

March 5, 2021

As the one-year anniversary of the pandemic approaches, businesses remain challenged in numerous ways by COVID-19. In a recent article for In Business, Lovitt & Touché Executive Vice President of Benefits Will Spong discusses the importance of businesses’ remaining flexible to navigate ongoing pandemic challenges.

Will highlights how vaccines and new variants of the coronavirus add to the myriad wrinkles for businesses to tackle as the pandemic enters its second year. He also emphasizes the importance of businesses controlling what they can control, breaking down several items including employee benefits and evaluating potential vaccine requirements.

Many businesses are eagerly anticipating an end to the pandemic. However, challenges remain. The team at Lovitt & Touché can help you navigate the new normal and craft creative, cost-effective solutions that meet your needs and set up your business to not only survive but thrive when the pandemic eventually ends.

Read Will’s full article here.