Alternative Risk Financing

Alternative Risk Financing

Helping you find right-sized, loss-sensitive solutions for your business.

If you have diverse needs or unique circumstances, we have tailored plans to give you the greatest amount of control over the total cost of your insurance while providing greater value for the dollars you spend.

With decades of experience and deep knowledge of the insurance industry, we leave no stone unturned when it comes to putting together non-traditional, loss-sensitive insurance solutions. In fact, when solutions haven’t existed, we created our own to help give clients the coverage they need at an affordable price with value-added services included.

Retrospective Rating Plans

Why should you pay premiums based on industry-wide loss experiences? We can provide access to retrospective rating plans with variable premiums that adjust with losses you experience, not losses of others. Our goal is to give you a right-sized, fair-priced insurance solution that better reflects your current claims experience. Covering multiple risks under one policy, retrospective rating plans can address:

  • General liability
  • Auto liability
  • Workers’ compensation

Once we truly understand your operations and goals through our initial business analysis, we can assess whether a retrospective rating plan is right for you.

Employee Input

Expected & Utilization
Network Preference
Health Status

Employee Input


Employee Input

Risk Tolerance
Health & Finance Concerns
Healthcare Consumerism

Public Data

Healthcare Costs & Utilization

Statistical Modeling

An algorithm creates a recommendation considering:
  • Types of plans that match people's specific needs and wants
  • A cost that balances premiums with expected out-of-pocket expenses
  • A match to physician network preferences and overall desires and concerns

Plan Recommendations

Click a plan to see the distribution:
Single Male
HDHP Health Plan
Long-term Disability
Short-term Disability
Basic Dental
Single Female
PPO Health Plan
Critical Illness
Transit FSA
HMO Health plan
Long-term Disability
Enhanced Dental

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We can Help you save money and manage risk

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Sometimes, your insurance needs just don’t fit into the confines of a traditional commercial insurance solution. An alternative to traditional solutions, captives allow companies to reduce costs, insure difficult risks, allow direct access to reinsurance markets and increase cashflow. As industry innovators with an entrepreneurial spirit, we are always exploring new opportunities in the captive landscape to provide stability in insurance pricing, control over premiums and claims, and the opportunity to potentially make a return on your premium.

Our experience setting up, managing and providing access to member owned group captives and our relationships with captive managers provide clients with the necessary resources to analyze options, get in a position to be a successful captive owner, and ultimately improve their company risk management culture, smooth out the insurance rate cycle turning their insurance program into a potential profit center.

Large Deductible Plans

For certain large-sized employers that have shown a strong culture of safety, large deductible plans can provide significantly more value and cost-saving potential of self-insurance than traditional plans. Additionally, these plans can improve cashflow as lower premiums mean more cash in-house. And because companies own more risk, they become better stewards of creating a culture of safety that prevents losses and manages liabilities.

Self-Insurance / Qualified Self-Insurance Plans

In certain situations, it makes sense for companies to retain their own risk when it comes to health plans, which may include the use of our private healthcare exchange ClearPath Prime, disability options, stop-loss insurance and more. We work with you to fully understand the ins and outs of your business risks and liabilities and then determine whether a self-insurance or qualified self-insurance plan, where you’re both the plan sponsor and administrator, makes sense for you.

Risk Retention Groups

From doctors looking for medical malpractice insurance to schools in search of industry-specific solutions and other businesses that share common insurance needs, risk retention groups (RRGs) allow similar groups to band together and create specific coverage solutions to meet their unique needs. A self-formed liability insurance company, RRGs are made up of like members who together absorb the collective liability of the group. In many cases, RRGs can provide:

  • Greater control over the program
  • Long-term premium stability
  • Customized loss control and risk management opportunities
  • Returns for managing risk and establishing a safety culture
  • Flexibility across operations in multiple states