ClearPath Prime Private Exchange

ClearPath Prime Private Exchange

Smarter healthcare benefits for today’s business landscape.

ClearPath Prime at a Glance

Wide benefit product offerings
Decision support software
Employee communications and education
Enrollment tools for all lines of coverage
Administration and billing reconciliation services
Creative funding options

With the rising cost of healthcare, running a business today is more competitive and expensive than ever before. We provide a forward-looking strategy that gives your company a competitive advantage in the changing world of healthcare through ClearPath Prime, our own private exchange.

The power of choice

For many businesses, the current benefits process is a vicious cycle of waiting for renewals, hoping for the best outcomes and then becoming a confined participant in passing more costs onto employees, spending more on benefits or shifting more costs onto the employee.

We’ve found a way to break the cycle by providing an alternative. ClearPath Prime allows you to control the amount of push or pull you experience.

An Exchange that Works

Private exchanges come in many different forms, including consumer shopping websites, which can often be confusing and seem to have conflicting information. ClearPath Prime is intuitive, blending user-friendly experiences and leading-edge technology to personalize the products that end up in your employees’ shopping carts. Recommendations made are based on individual needs and complex scenario analysis.

Employee Input

Expected & Utilization
Network Preference
Health Status

Employee Input


Employee Input

Risk Tolerance
Health & Finance Concerns
Healthcare Consumerism

Public Data

Healthcare Costs & Utilization

Statistical Modeling

An algorithm creates a recommendation considering:
  • Types of plans that match people's specific needs and wants
  • A cost that balances premiums with expected out-of-pocket expenses
  • A match to physician network preferences and overall desires and concerns

Plan Recommendations

Click a plan to see the distribution:
Single Male
HDHP Health Plan
Long-term Disability
Short-term Disability
Basic Dental
Single Female
PPO Health Plan
Critical Illness
Transit FSA
HMO Health plan
Long-term Disability
Enhanced Dental

Explore Your Options

We can Help you save money and manage risk

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Smart Input/Output

With the ability to provide employers with a compliant benefits strategy, ClearPath Prime takes the employee’s input and analyzes it with a sophisticated algorithm, which in turn creates a customized recommendation. The system considers the employee’s specifications, such as utilization, health status, network preferences, income needs, savings, risk tolerance, health and finance concerns, and consumerism to provide right-fit options. It’s all about finding the right plans at the right price, while giving employees a broader menu of healthcare options and greater flexibility.

Empowering Employees Makes Them Better Consumers of Healthcare

Each person in an organization has their own tolerance for risk, budget they can afford and priorities for their family. By educating and empowering employees to assemble the right healthcare package for themselves and their families, they become more acutely aware of the actual costs of employee benefits and become better consumers of healthcare, making value-based decisions. In the same vein, this increases employee satisfaction and provides an environment that can attract new talent.