Employee Benefits

Employee Benefits

Real-world workplace solutions built on innovation, industry knowledge and customer service.

Employee Benefits at a Glance

Benefits Administration
Healthcare reporting and analytics
Life planning
Onsite physician Clinics
Private exchanges
Strategic planning
Wellness programs

Employee benefits solutions are not one-size-fits-all. So, why do so many insurance brokers treat them that way? Clients’ unique demographics, including a distinctive philosophy, culture, and goals, play a vital role in putting together an effective and efficient benefits program based on workforce needs and existing benefits budgets.

Flexibility for custom solutions

Knowing how to address the complex needs of Fortune 500 companies to budget-conscious nonprofits and small businesses, we have the flexibility to find solutions and make decisions quickly to benefit our clients whether they have 50 employees or 5,000. We’re experts at:

  • Navigating private exchanges
  • Implementing cost-containment strategies
  • Uncovering funding alternatives
  • Conducting financial and utilization reviews
  • Evaluating and/or implementing wellness programs

We specialize in all funding methods such as fully insured, shared returns, self-funding, reference-based pricing, captive insurance programs, MEC/MVP plans among others.

Employee Input

Expected & Utilization
Network Preference
Health Status

Employee Input


Employee Input

Risk Tolerance
Health & Finance Concerns
Healthcare Consumerism

Public Data

Healthcare Costs & Utilization

Statistical Modeling

An algorithm creates a recommendation considering:
  • Types of plans that match people's specific needs and wants
  • A cost that balances premiums with expected out-of-pocket expenses
  • A match to physician network preferences and overall desires and concerns

Plan Recommendations

Click a plan to see the distribution:
Single Male
HDHP Health Plan
Long-term Disability
Short-term Disability
Basic Dental
Single Female
PPO Health Plan
Critical Illness
Transit FSA
HMO Health plan
Long-term Disability
Enhanced Dental

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We deliver on our promises

It’s one thing to talk about value, it’s another thing to deliver:

  • We helped an Arizona-based construction company reduce overall benefits costs more than $100,000 annually for four consecutive years. We were able to accomplish this through our innovative approach and proprietary software solutions.
  • In 2017, we helped the employees of our clients save more than $650,000 through our Claims Advocate, which helps ensure all claims are paid timely and accurately.
  • Through our preferred partnership with NEW healthcare transparency application, we have been able to exhibit 7:1 ROI for our customers engaged with our new app.

We continually deploy customized reporting and analytics tools to help our clients make the most appropriate benefits decisions for their health insurance programs, including putting a greater focus on wellness initiatives, disease management programs and new prescription solutions to help offset potential losses.  

A non-traditional approach to traditional insurance needs

In today’s ever-changing benefits world, solutions can often be complex, confusing and costly. From benefits administration and compliance to healthcare reporting and private exchanges, we deliver breakthrough innovation and unparalleled technical expertise. We’ve even created a cutting-edge private exchange – ClearPath Prime – to provide employees with many different major medical and ancillary benefit options, all while controlling costs.

People make the difference

There is nothing more important than understanding what our clients need and providing them with creative solutions. We are:

  • A team of more than 60 professional and support personnel with decades of experience
  • Closely involved in the placement, service and administration of clients’ employee benefits plans
  • Problem solvers bringing creative ideas forward
  • Masters at building close relationships with our clients
  • Committed to securing the best possible programs in the marketplace

Leveraging technology to provide the best possible solutions

Using proprietary systems and advanced programs, including a newly implemented benefit administration system, our team can quickly and easily help clients evaluate their current insurance programs, make recommendations for changes and help alleviate financial pressure. In addition, we continue to deploy leading technology in every aspect of our business, from benefit administration to reporting to wellness.

Close, personalized support and education

We understand clients’ frustration with insurance cost, plans and networks. That’s why strategic planning, measurable goal setting and a solid action plan are vital. But we don’t stop there. We also act as our clients’ insurance confidante helping navigate through contentious issues or unforeseen challenges.

Believing strongly that educated consumers makes better healthcare purchasing decisions, we pride ourselves on developing and implementing customized client communications strategies that change the conversation when it comes to increasing consumer awareness and cost-saving measures.