Private Client

Private Client

Protecting our clients begins with personalized plans that provide peace of mind.

Private Client Solutions at a Glance

Private passenger auto
Excess liability/umbrella
Excess uninsured motorist/underinsured motorist
Third party liability
Other specialty products

No two individuals are alike

We believe private client solutions are just as unique. Based on a variety of life circumstances, priorities, long-term goals and liability exposures, every client’s needs are one of a kind and require not only a customized solution, but a dedicated team to identify the best possible insurance program. Our goal is to protect you, your family, your assets and everything in between.

Personal Relationships Yield Best Solutions

We ensure you are maximizing your insurance dollars by providing the best combination of coverage and pricing. Cost is definitely part of the conversation, but it shouldn’t be the sole driving factor when selecting an insurance program.

We take a 360-degree look at your life to identify exposures that might threaten wealth or property, and provide effective solutions to minimize risk. From excess liability/umbrella policies to uninsured and underinsured motorist protection, we leave no stone unturned when it comes to examining where risks may lie.  We evaluate:

  • Property
  • Valuable articles such as jewelry, fine arts and wine collections
  • Private passenger autos
  • Specialty items such as collector/antique vehicles, motorcycles, motorhomes, jet skis, watercraft and ATVs

Employee Input

Expected & Utilization
Network Preference
Health Status

Employee Input


Employee Input

Risk Tolerance
Health & Finance Concerns
Healthcare Consumerism

Public Data

Healthcare Costs & Utilization

Statistical Modeling

An algorithm creates a recommendation considering:
  • Types of plans that match people's specific needs and wants
  • A cost that balances premiums with expected out-of-pocket expenses
  • A match to physician network preferences and overall desires and concerns

Plan Recommendations

Click a plan to see the distribution:
Single Male
HDHP Health Plan
Long-term Disability
Short-term Disability
Basic Dental
Single Female
PPO Health Plan
Critical Illness
Transit FSA
HMO Health plan
Long-term Disability
Enhanced Dental

Explore Your Options

We can Help you save money and manage risk

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Commitment to Customer Service

With our expertise in analyzing your needs and customizing a program to fit your life now and in the future, we can ensure your private client portfolio is comprehensive, eliminates duplication of coverage and keeps pace with you as your life changes.

Sharing our Expertise

Minimizing surprises is just as important as minimizing risk. As your insurance partner, it’s important to arm you with the information you need to know about your coverage, so when claims arise, the process is relatively stress-free. We’re much more than just a policy quoting and servicing partner. We can:

  • Make vendor recommendations
  • Assist with claims
  • Coordinate and attend insurance replacement cost evaluations
  • Collaborate with wealth advisors, attorneys and CPAs

Industry Leaders with Trusted Carrier Relationships

We protect our clients like we would our own families, which is why our team has worked hard to establish long-standing, trusted relationships with industry-leading insurance carriers specializing in the needs of affluent individuals. While your premium is payable to the carrier, our services are at no cost to you. Our longstanding relationships with regional and national carriers give us the flexibility and negotiating power to offer programs that best fit the needs of our clients.